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Hi. Welcome to Refuge Cove!

I'm Catherine, the owner of the Upcoast Summers espresso bar, gift shop, and bakery.  I have been a boater for many years, and I remember how delighted and surprised I was to find a really good espresso shop in the middle of Desolation Sound on one of my cruising adventures.  The hot coffee and freshly baked butter tarts warmed and cheered my companions and me after three cold days on the water.   Everything tasted really, really good!

Turning the Corner into Refuge Cove

I didn't know then how my life would change as a result of this particular cruise!  The beauty and serenity of Refuge Cove, and the comfort I experienced taking refuge here, captured my imagination, and I kept coming back until I couldn't resist moving here to live.  

Most people arrive at Refuge Cove by boat, having travelled for several days to get here from Vancouver or Seattle.  They stop here for fuel, ice, hot showers, supplies, laundry facilities, and comfort foods on the deck at Upcoast Summers. 

Upcoast Summers is the only espresso bar in Desolation Sound, serving espresso beverages made with freshly-ground coffee along with delicious treats.  Baked goodies include cinnamon rolls, muffins, and scones made from scratch every morning, and deluxe hamburgers available from 11:00 AM daily.

So, come on up for a magical time  in one of the most beautiful places on our planet!  Sit back, nibble on your treat, sip your latte, and gaze out over the water... It's your time.

The Refuge Cove welcome sign, with Upcoast Summers in the background.

Two of the three decks of Upcoast Summers.


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